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When the moon found the sun
He looked like he was barely hanging on
But his eyes saved his life
In the middle of summer

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OH MY GOD why have I only just discovered this blog! I love this ship, it is steadily consuming me and I have been looking for somewhere to roll around in the pain of this pairing with other people so I really really hope you're still active TwT *dangles lengthy Genesis headcanons as bait*

DUDE PLS COME TO ME WITH YOUR HEADCANONS. This ship doesn’t get a lot of love tbh and I’m always here to listen to people who want to talk about these two assholes loving and hating each other at the same time. I haven’t abandoned this blog! I just haven’t been inspired to make stuff, but I will try to make some gifs soon. 

Genesis hoped to one day be able to eat Banora Whites with the hero Sephiroth, whom Genesis admired. While this dream of his did not come true, Zack Fair fulfilled it partially by eating a Banora White with Genesis, as Zack had been injected with Sephiroth’s cells. [x]

As the artist formerly known as gothicdragon752 I may someday spam you with my headcanon... if you want...

As a fan of your Seph/Gen writing I will wait here for your headcanon because YES PLEASE. I’m still sad because this pairing doesn’t get a lot of love compared to other pairings, and yeah probably other pairings get less attention, but lbr I only care about Sephiroth and Genesis. So yes, come to me and share your headcanon.

Apple muffin * short story * rp-Sephirothmasterpost



Short Story: Apple Muffin

Muses: Genesis & Sephiroth
Muns: theBloodstainedSOLDIER & rp-Sephiroth

Genesis-mun: You can not bring my life to feels and not take responsibility.
"I am a very logic-driven person, Genesis. Your rash emotional whims are of no great importance to me," Sephiroth answered.
- “You are an ass.”
"You’ll see I’m more than an ass - if you’re willing to take your eyes off it," Sephiroth said.

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There is an idea in the Xenogears game that one winged-angels need each other to survive.  Genesis’s wing is on the left side of his body while Sephiroth’s is on his right. They would make a perfect angel. 

I started writing a fic set in the FFVII world, using characters from Kingdom Hearts as well as the characters from Crisis Core on. However, I changed a few things about the universe, so I guess it’s an AU? Anywho, there’s a semi-human race here called Animus, humans who have animal traits. They are typically treated as servants and pets, and sometimes guard dogs. They come in two types, Domestic, and Exotic. The pureblooded Exotic types are stronger, faster, more animalistic, and often more coveted than Domestics, and things like tigers, eagles, and other non-domestic animals are considered Exotics.

Sephiroth, par usual, is a general in Shinra, and they’re at war with Wutai. Ten years prior to the beginning of the story, Seph was called to a remote mountain range to subdue a creature that had been reeking havoc upon the area. What he found, was the only Myth class Animus ever discovered, a red-dragon type, whom he defeated after six days of grueling battle, and decided to keep him as his personal Animus. The red-dragon Animus was named Genesis.

Thanks to Genesis, who fought along Sephiroth in all his battles, Shinra Co. decided to institute the Honorary Enlistment Program, in which Exotic class Animus are brought into Shinra, trained, and given ranks in SOLDIER, and the Turks. They have designated owners and caretakers within Shinra (Such as Zack is technically owned by Angeal.), and they are more or less treated as human with a few restrictions, and their owners are responsible for their behavior.

The opening scene is of Genesis, laying around in the 1st’s lounge, when a war council member and his escort come in, and this particular council member is complaining about Sephiroth’s (and Genesis’) plan, and generally bad mouthing him. The man’s poor escort sees Genesis, known as the ‘Crimson Drake’ by most of the lower ranked members of Shinra, and can see that he’s about ready to pounce, and that the chain binding him to the wall is really just for show, more of a necklace than anything else.

Genesis gets up off the couch, and springs at the man who’s talking shit about his master, and almost kills him on the spot, only to be snatched out the air by said master.

It’s coming together quite well, but I’d really like people’s input, like plot ideas, because I want something more interesting than just the war with Wutai to happen. Please! Tell me what you think and if you have any ideas!


Handful of headcanons!

(both are from separate documents, but I added the ones involving the other) 

Sephiroth headcanons:

1. Sephiroth wears black, both in his SOLDIER and normal wardrobe, simply because it’s the opposite of white. Even though he feels a little childish about it, he hates white simply because it reminds him of Hojo and the colour of labs.

Genesis has often, and sometimes succeeded, in dressing him in other dark colours, but knows to steer away from white. 

2. Sephiroth grew his hair long, because as a child, it used to be constantly shaved due to its unusual colour, so as another act of rebellion (and because Genesis woudn’t leave him alone about it being a crime to hide such gorgeous hair), he started to let it grow when he enlisted in SOLDIER. 

3. When at home, Sephiroth will wear nothing but shorts because he’s lazy about laundry.

Genesis doesn’t complain about this one bit. 

4. Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth play Frisbee on top of the ShinRa tower. Lazard initially suggested it after having the training room destroyed far too many times.
Then Genesis set the Frisbee on fire to make things ‘more interesting’, resulting in a lot of broken windows and fire alarms going off.

Lazard just gave up. 

Genesis’ Headcanons: 

1. He loves arguing with Sephiroth, specifically Sephiroth, because he still can’t believe how closed the man’s upbringing up was. Even if the arguments get heated, Genesis does it good-naturedly, and because he thinks it’s an utter crime to be closed away from the planet and life itself. He also considers Sephiroth an intellectual equal. 

2. Genesis self-appointed himself as Sephiroth’s teacher of life lessons. Needless to say, Sephiroth didn’t have much choice in the matter when they first met. So far, though, Genesis hasn’t heard any complaints. 

3. Genesis hates bugs. Doesn’t fear, just hates them. He will not touch an insect even with a newspaper to get rid of it. He makes Sephiroth do it now.